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Concrete driveways not only make your place look amazing. A well-made, un-cracked, concrete area really brings a sense of style to any home or office. When done right, a unique concrete driveway (or exposed aggregate driveway, as is the popular option at the moment) will make your place stand out.  To do this, you need only the best concreters in Clayton.

There are several things that go into consideration when planning to build a good concrete driveway. One of the most crucial things that professional concreters consider before building an exposed aggregate driveway is where vehicles will turn when entering from the street. If you’re expecting large vehicles, it’s important to consider how much dry turning will take place on your drive.

Another factor that comes in to play are the land features. A drainage system often has to be considered if the area is hilly, otherwise you could end up constructing a driveway that will be a nuisance during rainy days. This in turn could damage the concrete or worse, whatever is sitting at the end of the driveway (your house?).

More often than not, you may need to determine what other utilities you need to plan for before constructing a concrete driveway. Some attention may need to be given to the wiring that connects to outdoor lighting, water pipes that supply your home and possibly water drainage pipes.

Much related to the land features, the soil properties are just as important to consider before constructing a concrete driveway. If the soil is sandy, we determine how much clay or gravel we’ll need to add to make sure the concrete is laid on a solid base.

Although concrete driveways require little maintenance after the concrete driveway has been installed, some care will ensure that the driveway has a longer life span. Concrete may get damaged by adverse weather conditions overtime, and the damaged area may need to be resealed to avoid further damage.

Gas and oil stains are particularly bad when it comes to concrete driveways. A concrete sealer will help prevent the concrete from staining. Try to clean gas and oil spills as quickly as possible to avoid permanent staining that can be caused by concrete absorption. In high risk areas, it may be necessary to be reapply concrete sealer every 5-10 years.

Care can only go so far, always remember that a concrete driveway will be durable if the right concreters in Clayton have done the job. It all begins with the expertise of your concrete driveway contractor.

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